What To Wear for Great Fall / Autumn Family Pictures

Do you want a great fall family portrait? It begins at home with your selection of clothing. What you wear can make the difference between clashing with the leaves, blending into the background, or making a stunning image that you will be proud to show off. Here are five tips to consider as you select your outfits for your fall family portrait.

  1. Color Option #1: Wear a color that compliments the background. Complimentary colors are colors that are directly opposite one another in the color spectrum. The opposite of orange is blue, this is why blue looks fabulous against orange fall colors. So if you are going to be photographed with fall foliage in the background or pumpkins, blue is an excellent choice. Although red compliments green, it can really pop against a neutral such as a graying barn side.
  2. Color Option #2: Wear neutral colors to emphasize the fall colors around you. Neutrals such as beige can look great amid fall color.
  3. Wear long sleeves and pants. Fall temperatures can vary, but people’s expectation of your fall portrait attire will not. When most people see a family portrait with beautiful fall color they expect to see long sleeves and pants. It may be warm enough on the day of your photo shoot to wear shorts or short sleeves, but when people see your photo they can’t feel the temperature; they see fall and fall is usually cool.
  4. Wear boots if you have them. Boots look great in fall photos. The typical brown color of boots blends well with the scene and boots remind people of fall and cooler temperatures.
  5. Coordinate the family. You probably don’t want to dress identical, but weaving a theme through the family can really enhance your family portrait. For example, you can choose a color and dress each family member in clothing that contains this color or add layers such as scarfs, jackets, or vests that contain the same color.